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Custom Title

Pro Feature

This is an exclusive feature of WebSerial Pro. Check it out here.

Custom Title


The setTitle() function is a method provided by the WebSerial Pro library. This title is displayed at the top of the webserial interface/webpage, providing a user-friendly and customizable interface for managing firmware updates.


void setTitle(const char* title);


#include <WebSerial.h>

void setup() {

// Set the title of your webserial terminal
WebSerial.setTitle("Remote Terminal - XYZ Inc");

void loop() {


  1. Include the WebSerial library in your Arduino sketch.
  2. In the setup() function of your sketch, initialize the WebSerial library using WebSerial.begin().
  3. Use the setTitle() function to set a meaningful title for your webserial interface. This title will be displayed at the top of the webserial interface/webpage when users access it.
  4. Continue with the rest of your sketch's setup and loop functions.