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Export Logs

Pro Feature

This is an exclusive feature of WebSerial Pro. Check it out here.

Export Logs Button

The "Export Logs" feature of WebSerial Pro provides users with a seamless way to save logs directly from your webserial interface. It's designed for efficiency and ease of use, this feature allows for:

  1. Real-time exportation of logs to various formats like Text, JSON & CSV.
  2. Exports received logs into machine readable formats.
  3. Facilitates troubleshooting and easy sharing among teams/customers.

Export Logs Button

Users can initiate the export process with a single click, ensuring that critical data is preserved and accessible for further examination or sharing with team members. Whether for debugging, record-keeping, or collaborative development, the "Export Logs" feature streamlines the workflow, making WebSerial Pro an indispensable tool for developers and engineers.