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This document explains the installation procedure for getting started with WebSerial.


WebSerial depends on the following libraries present in your libraries folder. Please stricly install the compatible versions of these dependencies only! Using any other version might break WebSerial or may cause WebSerial to work partially.

Note on Dependencies

As of v2, WebSerial has officially switched to using fork of ESPAsyncWebServer and its dependencies from @mathieucarbou. This fork of ESPAsyncWebServer is being maintained regularly and contains many bug fixes along with arduino-esp32 core v3 support.

It's suggested to migrate all your projects to using this fork as the original me-no-dev/ESPAsyncWebServer repo is not being maintained since years.

For ESP8266

For ESP32

Installing WebSerial

1. Directly Through Arduino IDE - Library Manager

Go to Sketch > Include Library > Library Manager > Search for "WebSerial" > Install

2. Manual Install

For Windows
  • Download the Repository
  • Extract the .zip in Documents > Arduino > Libraries > {Place "WebSerial" folder Here}
For Linux
  • Download the Repository
  • Extract the .zip in Sketchbook > Libraries > {Place "WebSerial" folder Here}

3. Import through Arduino IDE

  • Download the Repository
  • Go to Sketch > Include Library > Add .zip Library > Select the Downloaded .zip File.