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Printing Logs

The WebSerial library provides you a really nice UI on the web browser itself using WebSockets protocol, making it easy to debug and monitor your projects/devices. Under the hood, this library inherits Print class of the Arduino core, so it uses methods similar to the Serial library.

Important Tip

Don't send large amounts of data in a single shot with WebSerial. (ie. more than 1KB)

WebSerial uses WebSockets as its underlying transport mechanism which is of low throughput (due to hardware limitation). Although there are built-in mechanisms in WebSerial library to ease this burden, it's advised to optimize the your firmware for a crash-free experience.


Here are a example few methods which can be used to print logs/messages to WebSerial terminal:


Prints data to the WebSerial port as human-readable ASCII text.



Prints data to the WebSerial terminal followed by a carriage return and newline.



Prints formatted data to the WebSerial terminal.

WebSerial.printf(format, args...);


Writes binary data to the WebSerial terminal.

WebSerial.write(buffer, size);